Substitutions will open until 31 August 2023.

The rider that is Not riding anymore needs to login and release his entry for Substitution.

  1. The rider withdrawing will need to login to the following link and release their entry.
  2. Once released, the substitute (new rider) needs to contact the CTCTT (Events Office) via email – or Tel: 087 820 7223 informing that they would like to do a substitution and provide their details. Our staff will then allocate a substitution allowance to the rider to come their entry via the following link  The substitution entry admin fee is R200, which will need to be paid online with a credit card. Please note that on section 3 of the substitution entry procedure the withdrawer’s name, surname and ID number will need to be typed in. During the substitution procedure the entrant will be able to download the consent letter, as this is automatically generated when the entrant does the substitution. Once downloaded you will need to continue with your entry.
  3. The signed consent form needs to be sent to, in order to finalise the substitution.