Failure to comply with the rules will result in disqualification

  1. Any entrant who enters the Lions Karoo to Coast 2024 agrees to the terms and conditions of the race. In addition, by entering online or manually, the entrant acknowledges and agrees that they participate in the race entirely at their own risk and agrees that they shall have no claim whatsoever against the race organiser and/or any sponsor or helper and/or the registration agent, the Event Organisers in respect of any damage, harm or loss suffered at, during or as a consequence of the race, including, but not limited to, damage, harm or loss to property, or damage, harm or loss arising out of the death or illness of, or injury to, any person or party
  2. PLEASE: NO LITTERING IN THE FOREST !! Riders who litter will be disqualified.
  3. NO SECONDING – this is for the safety of the riders.
  4. The Age restriction on ELITE riders is 19 years. The rider needs to have turned 19 by the 31st December 2024 in order to race as an ELITE rider. CSA ruling will apply to the ELITE Riders.
  5. The Age restriction on FUN riders is 19 years. The rider needs to have turned 19 by the 31st December 2024 in order to be able to enter the event as
    a NON ELITE rider.
  6. No Helmet – No Ride.
  7. No vehicles allowed on route – Route will be closed 06:30 to 14:30 on day of event.
  8. Indemnity clause on entry form must be signed by all entrants/guardians.
  9. The judges decision is final.
  10. Cyclists must ride in a responsible manner and must obey all traffic rules.
  11. Please be courteous to marshals and treat the landowners with respect as they play a positive role in ensuring that the event is a success each year.
  12. Cyclists are to keep to the left of the road and are not to cross over the centre line at any time except where shown by a marshal or traffic officer.
  13. The cut off remains at the Kom se Pad / Knysna turn off at 14:30 and the Knysna High School at 16:30 as in previous years.
  14. Entry fees are not refundable. Entries cannot be transferred to the following event or any subsequent editions. However, substitutions can be facilitated by arrangement between riders, within the designated substitution window.
  15. Pre-ordered Merchandise will be issued only at registration, on presentation of entry confirmation slip/order.
  16. If there is Merchandise left over, it will be for sale at the finish line.
  17. There will be no refunds on entries if the event is cancelled due to weather or for the safety of the competitors.
  18. GAME FARM CROSSING: There is a 1.3 section of the route near the Ou Wapad close to the town of Uniondale that crosses a game farm. Riders ride this section at their own risk.


E-Bikes/ Power Assisted Bicycles / Lions Karoo to Coast MTB Challenge

1.1. Definition: In this clause the term “e-bike” means a bicycle that has pedals as its primary mode of propulsion and an auxiliary electric motor as a form of power assistance.

1.2. Should a cyclist wish to use a power assisted (PAS) bicycle in the Lions Karoo to Coast Mtb Challenge (K2C) – only a bicycle which has electricity as its auxiliary power may be ridden.

1.3. Should a rider wish to partake in the K2C by using an e-bike, such rider must select the E- bike category when completing the online entry for the K2C.

1.4. If the rider failed to register in the E-bike category, he/she will not be allowed to partake in the K2C.

1.5. Any person riding an e-bike on the K2C  that has not formally entered as an E-Bike participant shall be disqualified from this and future K2C events.

1.6. An e-bike may only be used by a rider in the K2C if such e-bike adheres to ALL of the following requirements:

1.6.1. it weighs less than 30 kg;

1.6.2. it looks like a bicycle and accordingly must contain pedals which serve as the principal method of propulsion;

1.6.3. the auxiliary electric motor with which it is equipped has a maximum continuous rated power of 250W (or 0.25kW);

1.6.4. the motorised assistance only engages when the rider is pedalling, progressively reduces and finally cuts off as the vehicle reaches a speed of  32 km/h or sooner (i.e. no permanently powered bicycles);

1.6.5. it is fitted with a control mechanism that limits the maximum electric powered speed on PAS (power assist) mode to 32 km/h;

1.6.6. is fitted with all the safety equipment recommended, and/or required under South African road traffic legislation, for pedal cycles.

1.7. An e-bike rider may not start or attempt to start the event before his/her designated starting time slot. Any rider who does so will be disqualified with immediate effect. The E Bike starting slot time will be communicated to riders with their registration communication before the event.

1.8. E-bike results will be marked as such in the K2C and will not be used as seeding for the Cape Town Cycle Tour.

1.9. Riders using e-bikes will not qualify for any prize / podium position in the K2C.



– All spare E Bike Batteries will need to be dropped off at the designated table at registration by no later than 06:15 on Sunday morning (no drop off of batteries after this time)
– Spare batteries will go to the Buffelsnek Squirt E Bike Gazebo, which is at the 59km mark.
– Spare full batteries will need to be clearly marked with rider name (We will provide you with a sticker at the drop off point)
– Batteries on the bikes that the rider starts with must also be clearly marked with rider name.
– Only after the last E Biker passes the pick up point will the flat batteries be transported from Buffelsnek to the finish line.
– The batteries will go to the Tog Bag pick up area close to the Trucape Tent at the finish venue – Waterfront Drive – Knysna High School Field. There will be security guard at this point who will require your sticker with your name on it to collect / release your battery.
– Do not forget your E Bike Battery key.
The event is NOT responsible for the loss or damage to batteries.



Gravel and Single Gear Bicycles

These bicycles are allowed to enter the K2C. They will adhere to the Analogue Bicycle Rules and will receive their start seeding with the pre event rider communication.



All riders will need to wear a Racetec Number Board that has a timing chip in it - in order to receive a time and / or position at the event. Number boards can be purchased from Racetec when you enter the event and will also be for sale at registration. Racetec will be available to verify timing boards during registration on Saturday 21st September and before 07:00 on Sunday 22nd September. No number board chip/ no time / no position.


The organisers and sponsors will not be held responsible for any damage, loss or injury incurred during The Lions Karoo to Coast Mountain Bike Challenge. The indemnity clause on entry form MUST be signed by all entrants/guardians.
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