Failure to comply with the rules will result in disqualification

  1. PLEASE: NO LITTERING IN THE FOREST !! Riders who litter will be disqualified.
  2. NO SECONDING – this is for the safety of the riders.
  3. The Age restriction on ELITE riders is 19 years. The rider needs to have turned 19 by the 31st December 2021 in order to race as an ELITE rider. CSA ruling will apply to the ELITE Riders.
  4. The Age restriction on FUN riders is 19 years. The rider needs to have turned 19 by the 31st December 2021 in order to be able to enter the event as
    a NON ELITE rider.
  5. No Helmet – No Ride.
  6. No vehicles allowed on route – Route will be closed 06:30 to 14:30 on day of event.
  7. Indemnity clause on entry form must be signed by all entrants/guardians.
  8. The judges decision is final.
  9. Cyclists must ride in a responsible manner and must obey all traffic rules.
  10. Please be courteous to marshals and treat the landowners with respect as they play a positive role in ensuring that the event is a success each year.
  11. Cyclists are to keep to the left of the road and are not to cross over the centre line at any time except where shown by a marshal or traffic officer.
  12. The cut off remains at the Kom se Pad / Knysna turn off at 14:00 and the Knysna High School at 16:30 as in previous years.
  13. Entry fees are not refundable.
  14. Ordered T-shirts will be issued only at registration, on presentation of entry confirmation slip/order.
  15. If there are T-Shirts left over, they will be for sale at the finish line.
  16. There will be no refunds on entries if the event is cancelled due to weather or for the safety of the competitors.
  17. After discussion with the safety officer and medical team – a decision has been made NOT to allow Ebikes to participate in this event. This is for safety reasons due to the size of the existing field and the technicality and speed of the downhills and route in general. Although these bikes may work for experienced riders – the concern lies with the fun / less experienced riders and the speed / descents / drop off’s on the route. The medical team is large and generally works very hard to take care of the riders – and we do not wish to add any more pressure or risk to the event dynamic.


All riders will need to wear a Racetec Number Board that has a timing chip in it - in order to receive a time and / or position at the event. Number boards can be purchased from Racetec when you enter the event and will also be for sale at registration. Racetec will be available to verify timing boards during registration on Saturday 21st September and before 07:00 on Sunday 22nd September. No number board chip/ no time / no position.


The organisers and sponsors will not be held responsible for any damage, loss or injury incurred during The Lions Karoo to Coast Mountain Bike Challenge. The indemnity clause on entry form MUST be signed by all entrants/guardians.
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