A hot debate was sparked in 2022 when the K2C had an unofficial E and Gravel bike contingency participating.

Events owners, the Lions of Uniondale and Knysna have recently made a decision to embrace an official E Bike category and this has been welcomed by the riders. A

Race rules around E Bike batteries and charging protocol will be released closer to race date – riders will be encouraged to be as self- sufficient as possible.

Another exciting and growing segment of the K2C are the Gravel Bikers. Race management chatted to Kevin Evans who has ridden a G Bike very competitively at the event for the past 3 years.

“Anyone who actually thinks a G bike is an unfair advantage, I invite you to try this race on one. I think the advantages of racing on a G Bike against a Mountain Bike are outweighed by the disadvantages. Personally I do not think it is possible to win the race on a G bike, but if you can, you deserve to take the prize money.”

After further input from our 2022 male cycling gentleman and K2C winner, Dusty Day, the event will start the G Bikes in the mix with the mountain bike groups, but they will have their own racing category and prizes. Dusty says, “ Everyone starts together and every rider choses their own weapon”.

The K2C also has a few of the original hard core, old school legends who tackle the event on their single speed bicycles – RESPECT!