Tips & Tricks for Riders Courtesy of Frontier Medix!

  • Your journey starts well before bum’s in seats. CHECK your ‘ouchy pouchy’ & include a space blanket, your chronic medications & an ICE (in case of emergencies) sheet – that could include your Medical Aid details, next of Kin, medical conditions and allergies – as well as – the provided RACE emergency HOT LINE. Check the weather and pack some extra’s accordingly.
  • Ensure that you are well hydrated BEFORE the race – it takes time for ‘cellular hydration’ & If you are thirsty – you are already behind on fluids – which in a hot exercise induced environment, could mean you never properly ‘catch-up’ on your fluid intake.
  • Take time to stop at each water point to fill-up and fuel your body.
  • Speaking of Water Points – Avoid too much ‘sugary things’ like coke – these are diaphoretic’s and although they are good to spike the energy for a brief time, they are in no-way a replacement for electrolytes, food fuels and common sense. The same can be said for gels…
  • Asking for help – The easiest place to be found is at a WP. Water Points are conveniently spaced & often in the places where riders need relief the most. A message can be relayed out from here via radio or Cell to our crew – who would know EXACTLY where you are.
  • If you reporting an incident – remember to note the riders RACE NUMBER, as we often get several reports of the same incident, but without proper details. Use your Km marker or send us a PIN via WhatsApp to mark the spot. Keep us posted.